Patient Navigators for Cancer Care

As part of our truly comprehensive cancer care at UC San Diego Health, we offer dedicated patient navigators to assist patients, families and caregivers through all phases of their cancer journey.

What Is a Patient Navigator?

Your patient navigator is a single point of contact for orienting you and your family to our wide breadth of cancer services.

Expect your patient navigator to:

  • Help you overcome barriers to accessing the care and support you need
  • Simplify the logistical challenges of dealing with serious illness from your first visit to UC San Diego Health to your survivorship care

How Our Patient Navigators Can Help

Our patient navigator program will support and empower you throughout your cancer journey as needed. We can:

    • Orient new patients, families and caregivers to our available cancer services
    • Connect you to the correct people to get answers about your care
    • Help you keep track of your appointments
    • Coordinate multiple medical appointments, including physician visits, treatments, lab and imaging tests
    • Connect you and your family to local and national resources, such as transportation and lodging

To speak with a patient navigator, please call 858-657-8409, Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.