Skilled Nursing

When patients are well enough to leave the hospital, they might not be quite ready to recuperate at home. In this case, we can help them transition to a skilled nursing facility.

Skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) provide short-term rehabilitation after a hospital stay as well as long-term care for patients needing that level of support. Transitions to a skilled nursing facility are part of our Care Management process.

Skilled Nursing Services

Patients remain under the care of a physician, licensed nurses, physical (PT), occupational (OT), and speech therapists. Families and patients choose skilled nursing facilities when they need around-the-clock nursing care, close supervision, and assistance with activities of daily living such as meal preparation, personal hygiene, medications, getting in and out of bed, and incontinence care.

Skilled nursing facilities should promote autonomy and choice, and offer a variety of services, social activities and even recreational opportunities. SNFs may also be able to provide palliative and hospice care for those needing it.

Selecting a Facility

Before selecting a skilled nursing facility, we recommend patients conduct their own research by taking facility tours, checking public reports about the facilities, and talking with family and friends. Our case management staff can provide more information and help you in this process.

Our Partners

UC San Diego Health works closely with a number of facilities with which we have a collaborative relationship. A collaborative care partnership with UC San Diego Health requires that these facilities share a strong working relationship with our clinical teams to offer excellent quality, communication, clinical outcomes and patient experiences.

UC San Diego Health has no financial interest in any skilled nursing facility.


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