Immigration Medical Exam

UC San Diego Health offers green card medical exams, also known as immigration physicals or I-693 medical exams, at our Rancho Bernardo location in San Diego County.  

All immigration medical exams are conducted by a civil surgeon, a doctor designated by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to perform immigration physicals and sign the required form. We offer immigration physicals to children older than 6 months and adults of all ages.

Services for a Green Card Medical Exam

Our immigration medical examination includes the following:

What If You Test Positive for a Communicable Disease?

Your UC San Diego Health civil surgeon can begin treatment, if desired, at an additional cost.

What If You Need Vaccines?

We offer vaccines at an additional cost.

What to Bring to Your USCIS Exam

Please bring the following to your appointment:

  • Your passport from your country of origin
  • Proof of your vaccination record
  • A list of medications you currently take

How Can You Fail Your Immigration Medical Exam?

There are a few ways you can fail your medical examination:

  • If you don't provide documentation for the required vaccinations or obtain a waiver for them 
  • If you test positive for tuberculosis, gonorrhea or syphilis and don't provide documentation of follow-up testing or treatment to USCIS
  • If you have a physical or mental health condition that requires a follow-up by the health department or referral evaluation and you don't provide follow-up details to USCIS

Does Insurance Cover Immigration Physicals?

Our green card medical exams are a cash-pay-only service. However, required vaccinations and follow-up treatment not included with the immigration physical may be covered by insurance.

How Much Does an Immigration Medical Exam Cost?

The cost of an immigration physical is $490, which includes basic labs and vaccine recommendations. As previously mentioned, vaccinations and additional testing, imaging or treatment for an infectious disease are not included with the $490 medical exam.

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