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Coronavirus-Related News from UC San Diego Health

San Diego Union Tribune

​Features Robert Schooley, MD

Scientific American

​Features Susan Little, MD

Researchers at UC San Diego Health have launched a pair of clinical trials to study the immune response of COVID-19 vaccinated transplant recipients of bone marrow and solid organs, such as the heart, ...
Becker's Health IT

​Features Christopher Longhurst, MD, CIO, ACMO

Smithsonian Magazine

​Features Joel Wertheim, PhD

San Diego 7

​Features Rebecca Fielding-Miller, PhD

UC San Diego Health is now offering a verifiable digital vaccine record to its patients who have or will receive a COVID-19 vaccine. These secure online records, otherwise known as a SMART health card ...
UC San Diego School of Medicine researchers discovered gene expression patterns associated with pandemic viral infections, providing a map to help define patients’ immune responses, measure disease se ...
UC San Diego School of Medicine researchers discovered that SARS-CoV-2, or at least its genetic signature, abounds on hospital surfaces, often co-locating with one particular type of bacteria.
A coalition of six U.S. subsidiary companies have sponsored a COVID-19 mobile clinic to vaccinate 10,000 maquiladora workers employed in Baja California, Mexico. UC San Diego Health is vaccinating abo ...
Researchers at UC San Diego School of Medicine have begun a pilot clinical trial to test the efficacy of using ultrasound to stimulate the spleen and reduce COVID-19-related inflammation, decreasing t ...
Investigators from UC San Diego and UCLA report COVID-19 infection rates for a cohort of health care workers previously vaccinated for the novel coronavirus. Risk of infection is minuscule, but exists ...
Using molecular dating tools and epidemiological simulations, researchers at UC San Diego School of Medicine estimate that the SARS-CoV-2 virus likely circulated undetected for two months before the f ...

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