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Warfarin Tablet Identification

Warfarin tablets have a color that indicates their strength, or how many milligrams (mg) are in each tablet.


Tablet Strength

Tablet Color

1 mg


2 mg

Lavender (light purple)

2.5 mg


3 mg


4 mg


5 mg

Peach (light orange)

6 mg

Teal (blue-green)

7.5 mg


10 mg


The color scheme is the same for all manufacturers of warfarin in the US (with a possible variation in the shade). The shape of the tablet indicates the company that makes it. Check your tablets each time you get them from the pharmacy to be sure you have the right strength. Ask your pharmacist if the color or shape of your pill changes or if you have any questions. Some examples of what the tablets look like:

Brand Coumadin: Round

Generic Taro: Oval

Generic Barr: Football

Generic Jantoven: Round

Coumadin Pills

Generic Taro Pills  

Generic Taro Pills     

Generic Taro Pills   

Generic Barr Pills 

Generic Barr Pills 

Generic Barr Pills  

Generic Jantoven Pills 

Generic Jantoven Pills 

Generic Jantoven Pills