Observation and Shadowing Opportunities

UC San Diego Health offers opportunities for clinical care observation and leadership mentoring.

Observer Program (Clinical Care)

  • This program is only available for prospective observers who are age 18 and up, would like to observe health care operations for 30 days or less at UC San Diego Health, and are currently within the United States.
  • The Observer Program will not fulfill the requirements to receive school credits.
  • All potential observers must have a formal request sent on their behalf to the Observer Program.
  • The request must come from a representative of the sponsoring department or program you wish to observe.
  • The Observer Program does not facilitate introductions to sponsoring departments, programs or providers. Observer applicants are required to have a UC San Diego Health sponsor.
  • Please locate the department or program you are interested in observing to obtain their administrative contact information on the UC San Diego School of Medicine or UC San Diego Health websites.
  • The expected turnaround time for processing and approving requests is a minimum of 10–14 business days.
  • For International requests, please review the Health Sciences International Program.
  • If you need more information after contacting a sponsoring department or provider, please email UCSDHObservers@health.ucsd.edu.

Health Sciences International

Healthcare Leadership Observer Program

The Healthcare Leadership Observer Program is offered by CommUnity Care, a part of the UC San Diego Health network.

Our goal is to create a healthcare leadership pipeline for individuals from populations that are underrepresented in UC San Diego Health leadership. To reach this goal, our program provides:

  • Mentorship by current healthcare leaders
  • Observation and shadowing opportunities
  • Connections for potential letters of recommendation, mentorship and networking opportunities
  • Resume-building experience with less time commitment than volunteer or fellowship opportunities
  • Exposure to various departments and functions within healthcare operations
  • Education about UC San Diego Health’s key performance indicators and daily engagement systems

Who Should Apply

Individuals from ethnic groups currently underrepresented within the UC San Diego Health leadership team, such as those who are Black or Hispanic, are encouraged to apply,

Applicants must have a high school diploma or be working toward one, or have an associate’s degree, bachelor’s degree or master’s degree in any related field.

Candidates should have an interest in healthcare leadership and strong communication and interpersonal skills. Applicants may be internal or external applicants.

Application Process

Applicants will be accepted by referral from the UC San Diego Health fellowship program, the volunteer coordinator program, or UC San Diego's Undergraduate or Graduate Office. Applicants also may reach out directly to any of the operational leaders within CommUnity Care.

Applicants will provide a resume and cover letter outlining their interest in healthcare leadership. A minimum of four candidates will be selected every year.

Contact Information

If you have questions about the Healthcare Leadership Observer Program, email Amanda Le at asl015@health.ucsd.edu.

Program Expectations and Structure

  • Observers are expected to be professional and respectful at all times.
  • Observers will not be exposed to protected health information (PHI), only high level de-identified data.
  • Observers are encouraged to actively participate in program activities, ask questions, and share their unique perspectives.
  • Observers are responsible for their own transportation, meals, and any other incidental expenses.

Observers will be assigned to either the Director of CommUnity Care or an Associate Director of CommUnity Care. The assigned healthcare leader will provide the following:

Initial 1:1 Session

  • Overview of their position, their own personal background
  • Scoping of the observers’ interests and career goals
  • Resume review and feedback
  • General orientation to UC San Diego Health and CommUnity Care

Based on the initial 1:1 session, observers will participate in 2-5 days of shadowing practice managers in areas aligned with the observer's interests and UC San Diego Health alignment goals:

  • Quality
  • Patient Satisfaction
  • Access to Care
  • People (Belonging and JEDI)
  • Efficiency

Second 1:1 Session Following Observer Experience

  • Discussion of key takeaways from shadowing experience
  • Feedback on observers during shadowing
  • Highlighting strengths and opportunities for development
  • Leaving the relationship open for any future questions or mentorship

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