How to Submit Specimens to Medical Genetics Laboratories

Follow these instructions to submit specimens to UC San Diego Health's medical genetics laboratories.

Paperwork and Labeling

Please submit the following paperwork with each specimen:

  1. Medical Genetics Laboratories Test Requisition Form (See sample). To set up a bulk account and obtain a customized requisition form, call the billing office at 619-657-1662.
  2. If applicable, a copy of the patient’s insurance card (front and back)

Label each specimen with the patient’s full name, date of birth, and the date and time of specimen collection.


General instructions: Transport specimens at room temperature. Insert specimen and test requisition form into plastic bags and seal. Place bags into a Styrofoam container and seal with tape. Place the container into a cardboard box and seal with tape. Ship container by overnight carrier (or local courier within San Diego County). Container should not arrive on weekends or holidays.

Frozen tissue specimens: Place in plastic tubes and ship on dry ice. Dry ice is considered a hazard and must be shipped in compliance with DOT and overnight carrier regulations. Container should not arrive on weekends or holidays.


To transport specimens from within San Diego and North County, please call 858-657-5784 and request local courier service.

To transport specimens from outside San Diego and North County, please ship by overnight carrier to the following address:

Center for Advanced Laboratory Medicine
Medical Genetics Laboratories
10300 Campus Point Drive, Suite 150, MC 7181
San Diego, CA 92121-1504

Contact information