Nursing Philosophy

We believe that caring relationships are at the core of our nursing practice.

UC San Diego Health Nursing Mission, Vision, and Motto

  • Mission: Our mission as professional nurses is to deliver safe, equitable, high-quality care to all patients throughout their UC San Diego Health experience. Caring relationships are at the core of our nursing practice. We nurture patients, families, the health care team, and ourselves. We are accountable for evidence-based practice in alignment with national standards. Through shared governance we are encouraged as nurses to advocate, educate, and be lifelong learners. We create an innovative, healing environment that leads to stellar outcomes.
  • Vision: To create a healing environment where feeling cared for is an everyday experience.
  • Motto: We Care.

We care for our patients and their families, our health care team members, ourselves, and each other as nurses. Our nursing practice is based on Joanne Duffy’s Quality Caring Model which explains that feeling cared for is essential to achieving exceptional outcomes.

UC San Diego Health Nursing Philosophy

Duffy, J. R. (2013). Quality caring in nursing and health systems : implications for clinicians, educators, and leaders (2 ed.). New York, NY Springer Pub.