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UC San Diego  Faculty Honored as “Women Who Mean Business”


October 28, 2008  |  

Six UC San Diego School of Medicine Faculty – physicians and researchers- were among 37 honorees recognized Thursday evening, October 23, 2008, at the San Diego Business Journal’s  15th Annual “Women Who Mean Business” Awards.  Those 37 were chosen from  nearly 150 nominees.  The six UC San Diego honorees were:

  • Jody Corey-Bloom, MD, PhD, Director of the UC San Diego Multiple Sclerosis Center and UC San Diego Huntington's Disease Center of Excellence

  • Sandra Daley, MD, Associate Chancellor and Chief Diversity Officer (CDO) for UC San Diego  and Professor of Pediatrics

  • Amanda Gosman, MD, Director of Pediatric Plastic Surgery, UC San Diego Division of Plastic Surgery

  • Nancy Graff, MD, Clinical Professor, UC San Diego School of Medicine

  • Barbara Parker, MD, Medical Director of Oncology Services at  Moores UCSD Cancer

  • Maria Luisa Zuniga, PhD, Assistant Professor, Division of International Health and Cross-Cultural Medicine, UC San Diego Department of Family and Preventive Medicine

Vivian Reznik, MD, Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs, UC San Diego School of Medicine, who attended the event in support of her colleagues, explained “This is really a remarkable sisterhood… not only because of the specialties they represent, but their wide range of life-experience.  Some are just beginning their careers, some are mature leaders in their field, and every last one is dedicated to her craft and her colleagues.”

Women Mean Business

(L to R): Drs. Graff, Corey-Bloom, Gosman, Reznik, Zuniga, and Parker

The San Diego Business Journal honored women from all walks of life, recognizing those selected for their “…outstanding contributions to business, the government and the San Diego Community.”

“This year’s honorees represent the diversity of San Diego business and are shining examples of how women are contributing to all sectors of the economy,” said Business Journal President and Publisher, Armon Mills.

“The foundation of UC San Diego Medical Center is built on a number of pillars but the most important pillar is the people,” said UC San Diego Medical Center CEO Rich Liekweg.  “These women exemplify our dedication to new leadership, caring for patients, teaching students and being outstanding and valued members of the community.”

“This distinguished group of women represents UC San Diego at its best… working, living, teaching, impacting our community, influencing the nation, with a reach that extends around the globe,” said David Brenner, M.D., Vice Chancellor for Health Sciences and Dean of the School of Medicine at UC San Diego.

More on the Honorees:

Nancy Graff, MD, Medical Director, Polinsky Children’s Center Clinic, and principal investigator for the HRSA Primary Care Training Grant for UC San Diego Pediatrics residency program, received the “community Service Award,” one of five specialty awards.  Graff has focused her career on the prevention of family violence and the health and well-being of children in the foster-care system.   She is dedicated to “making sure everyone has a voice, especially those who can’t fight for themselves.”

Jody Corey-Bloom, MD, PhD is staff physician UC San Diego Medical Center, Shiley-Marcos Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center and VA San Diego Medical Center, as well as Director, UC San Diego Multiple Sclerosis Center, The UC San Diego Huntington’s Disease Clinical Research Center, and the UC San Diego Genetically Handicapped Person’s program.    

Sandra Daley, MD, Associate Chancellor and Chief Diversity Officer (CDO) at  UC San Diego, is a Clinical Professor of Pediatrics who has secured tens of millions of dollars in funding from federal, state and private agencies aimed at eliminating health and educational disparities.  She initiated and directs the UC San Diego Comprehensive Research Center of Excellence in Health Disparities (CRCHD).

Amanda Gosman, MD, Director of Pediatric Plastic Surgery, UC San Diego Division of Plastic Surgery, and assistant professor of surgery, performs all types of surgery, from repairing cleft lips and constructing new ears, to increasing the mobility of burn victims.  Gosman is also a volunteer surgeon with Fresh Start Surgical gifts, which provides free reconstructive surgery to disadvantaged children with deformities.

Barbara Parker, MD, is professor of clinical medicine at UC San Diego School of Medicine and Medical Director of Oncology Services at Moores UCSD Cancer Center and UCSD Medical Center. Parker began at UC San Diego Medical Center as a resident and has become one of the world’s leading experts in the care of women with breast cancer. 

Maria Luisa Zuniga, PhD is an assistant professor in the Division of International Health and Cross-Cultural Medicine, Department of Family and Preventive Medicine.  Her research specializes in health care barriers among Latino populations living with HIV/AIDS, particularly those in the U.S.-Mexico border region.  She also serves on the UC San Diego Health Sciences Faculty Equity Task Force.

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