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By mapping molecular changes in the genome over time, UC San Diego researchers developed a formula to more accurately compare dog age to human age — a tool that could also help them evaluate how well ...
UC San Diego School of Medicine researchers report that stool microbiomes of NAFLD patients are distinct enough to potentially be used to accurately predict which persons with NAFLD are at greatest ri ...
UC San Diego researchers have discovered that a single treatment to inhibit a gene called PTB in mice converts native astrocytes, brain support cells, into neurons that produce the neurotransmitter do ...
UC San Diego researchers uncovered in mice how IRE1α, a molecule involved in cells’ response to stress, determines whether macrophages promote inflammation in the tumor microenvironment. Inflammation ...
A first-in-class clinical trial suggests a novel treatment measurably slowed progression of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease to its more progressive and deadly form.
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Coronavirus Updates Media Statements: COVID-19

The safety and well-being of our patients and staff are our top priority. As the region's only academic health system, we are fully prepared to care for patients with COVID-19.

How three students from the first graduating class of the UC San Diego Wertheim School of Public Health plan to inspire change in the field.
The Center for Pain Medicine at UC San Diego Health was the first in Southern California to offer new “burst” spinal cord stimulation dosing platform to address some types of physical and psychologica ...
Spurred by concern for seniors in San Diego, Parag Agnihotri, MD, gathered a team of nursing students to begin checking on high-risk patients sheltering at home by performing wellness checks over the ...
For San Diegans struggling with hoarding disorder, one-of-a-kind CREST clinic provides hope; COVID-19 puts it at risk.
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