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Conference Attracts International Experts in Field of Mindfulness and Child Development to San Diego

Featured Speakers include Daniel Siegel, Sharon Salzberg and Congressman Tim Ryan

January 07, 2014  |  

Experts in the field of mindfulness will gather in San Diego from Feb. 7-9 to share the latest advancements in education, clinical care and research as it applies to the healthy development of youth through the application of meditation. The experiential conference, sponsored by the UC San Diego School of Medicine and Center for Mindfulness, will offer a combination of more than 40 compelling lectures, research symposia and breakout sessions to a diverse audience of school educators, healthcare providers, psychotherapists, and researchers.

“The focus of the Bridging Hearts and Minds Conference is to create connections between the classroom, laboratory, therapy room and living room to foster the study and practice of mindfulness for the good of the next generation,” said Steven D. Hickman, PsyD, executive director of the UC San Diego Center for Mindfulness. “The mindfulness movement is impacting the psychological, physical and the social well-being of young people globally by helping to reduce stress, increase focus and positively impact school performance. This conference will help attendees learn how to achieve these results in their own communities.”

Featured speakers at the conference include neuropsychiatrist Daniel Siegel, MD, mindfulness teacher Sharon Salzberg, and Congressman Tim Ryan. Rep. Ryan is the author of A Mindful Nation, a book about the practice of mindfulness in both private and public life. The book’s introduction states, “If more citizens can reduce stress and increase performance…they will be healthier and more resilient.” Ryan has also noted, “There’s a whole body of literature in neuroscience today explaining why this works. It’s changing kids’ lives. It’s transforming teachers. It’s transforming schools. And we see it in our own community now.”

Examples of featured topics at the Bridging the Hearts and Minds Conference include: “Improving Emotional Balance and Increase Attention: Yoga and Mindfulness Tools for Children”; “Advancing the Science and Practice of Awareness and Caring”; “Mindfulness Meditation and ADHD Symptom Reduction in Middle School Students”; “Effects of a Mindfulness Based Therapy on Neural Networks in Youth at High Risk for Bipolar Disorder”; “Effects of a Classroom-Based Yoga and Mindfulness Intervention on Physiological Stress and Perceived Behavior in Second and Third Grade Students”; and “Key Elements That Engage, Energize and Inspire Teens to Practice Mindful Awareness.”

Upon completion of the conference, participants will be familiar with a variety of mindfulness-based programs for children and adolescents and become familiar with current research related to mindfulness. Participants will also obtain direct, personal experience of mindfulness practice and learn how it applies to both professional and personal practice.

The Bridging Hearts and Mind Conference will take place at the Paradise Point Hotel in San Diego. Early bird registration is extended to January 15, 2014. 

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