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Guest Testimonials

Since Bannister Family House opened on May 11, 1994, it's been a home away from home to more than 6,500 families from around the world. We look forward to welcoming many more to come. 

guests at bannister family house"What a beautiful, warm and inviting place to come and rest away from the hospital. We're so happy the house existed to help us in our time of need."

--The Porter Family, Huntington Beach, CA (9 nights)

"Thank you for your love, support, and shelter. You are a true blessing." 

-The Glisper Family, Milwaukee, WI (23 nights)

"Having a place to stay for me and my family was invaluable. I continue to maintain friendships I made during my stay." 

—Janine, Atascadero, CA (205 nights) 

happy guests from bannister family house"My family and I appreciate the kindness and warmth from the staff and from other families at the Bannister Family House."

-—Kim, John and Alexa Rivera 

"We really felt as though we were in our own home, surrounded by a warm and comfortable atmosphere."- Teresa, Onati Spain

"Nosotros, siempre nantenemos en nuestro corazón y recordamos con mucho cariño Bannister House. Especialmente en estos fechas muy bonitas que nos tocó compartir, con felicidad. Pedimos a Dios derrame esta 'noche buena' su bendición de fé y esperanza en todos los residentes de Bannister Family House."

Familia C., Lake Forest, CA