Getting Care at Affiliated Organizations

At UC San Diego Health, we want you to be fully informed about your health care options.

We have affiliations with other health care organizations in order to help patients in many communities access high-quality care. However, some of these organizations have policies that are different from those of UC San Diego Health. For example, some restrict certain diagnostic or treatment services, such as elective abortions and end-of-life care.

Examples of organizations that may have such policies may include Scripps Mercy Hospital, Loma Linda University Health, and certain government-operated facilities. This list is not exhaustive and may change over time based on the specific policies of these organizations.

UC San Diego Health is committed to delivering comprehensive medical care that meets patients' needs and promotes health equity. Accordingly, our agreements with these organizations make it clear that UC San Diego Health staff members, faculty and trainees working at one of these facilities will have the ability and right to:

  • Make clinical decisions consistent with the standard of care and their independent professional judgment, respecting each individual patient’s needs and wishes.
  • Inform patients of all their health care options, prescribe any interventions that are medically necessary and appropriate, and transfer or refer patients to other facilities when they determine it is in the patient’s interest.
  • Provide any item or service they deem necessary and appropriate in the event of an emergency.

You’ll be informed if a UC San Diego Health provider refers you to an organization with service-restricting policies. We encourage you to ask that organization questions about the restrictions, which may include services such as abortion, end-of-life care and gender affirming care. You may seek alternatives for care at UC San Diego Health and elsewhere.

For more information, see the full text of: UC Regents’ Policy on Affiliations With Healthcare Organizations That Have Adopted Policy-Based Restrictions on Care and UC Interim Policy on Affiliations with Certain Healthcare Organizations and UC Interim Policy on Affiliations with Certain Healthcare Organizations. (PDF).