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Family Cancer Genetics Program

Genetic counseling can help you to assess your risk of cancer based on your personal and family medical history. It also helps you determine whether genetic testing is appropriate for yourself or other family members.

The Family Cancer Genetics Program at Moores Cancer Center works closely with physicians and other medical professionals to provide patients with the latest information about inherited cancer risks, available genetic testing, and options for individuals known to be at a high risk of developing cancer due to genetic predisposition. Our program includes the following services.

Personal and Family History Review

We construct a family tree to identify patterns that suggest the presence of an inherited susceptibility to cancer in family members. This includes determining whether any cancer pattern fits with a known hereditary cancer syndrome.

Risk Assessment

We assess a patient’s personal risk of developing cancer, and identify appropriate genetic testing options. 

Genetic Testing and Counseling

Genetic counseling includes discussions about issues related to the future risk of developing cancer, the impact of genetic test results on cancer surveillance and prevention strategies, the emotional impact of genetic information on the patient and other family members, and concerns about genetic privacy. 

Prevention Options

We will assist you in developing optimal strategies for the management of cancer risks based on the family history assessment and/or genetic test results..

Other Resources

  • Bright Pink, a nonprofit that provides support to women who are at high risk for breast and ovarian cancer
  • FORCE, a nonprofit devoted to hereditary breast and ovarian cancer, with programs for those with a BRCA mutation or family history of cancer
  • Lynch Syndrome International
  • Pheo Para Troopers, a patient-run group for people living with pheochromocytoma and paraganglioma

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