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Leukemia and Lymphoma Care

Our Leukemia and Lymphoma Unit diagnoses and treats leukemia, lymphoma and other hematologic cancers such as myeloma, myelodysplasia and Hodgkin’s disease. 

Our diagnostic tests for these conditions include chromosomal and molecular analyses, flow cytometry and expert hematologic pathology services.

Treatment options include conventional approaches as well as investigational therapies developed by our research faculty. Gene therapy, novel vaccine therapies and new monoclonal antibodies, as well as new stem cell transplantation techniques are among the newer treatment options we can now offer some patients. There have also been significant advances in radiation oncology for lymphoma, including involved site radiotherapy, which is better at sparing cardiac and pulmonary tissue.

For more information on individual cancer types and treatment options, see:

Care Team

Although a cancer diagnosis can be frightening, there are many new therapies and potential cures for cancers of the blood and lymphatic system. At UC San Diego Health, our internally recognized specialists will develop a treatment plan designed for you.

Clinical Trials 

In recent years, researchers have made remarkable progress in the battle against all types of cancer. To learn about current clinical trials for our patients, see Clinical Trial Search.

In addition, UC San Diego is one of seven sites collaborating in the CLL Research Consortium (CRC), which runs clinical trials for patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia. View CRC trials or learn more about the CRC.

Blood Cancer Research Fund

The Blood Cancer Research Fund (BCRF) concentrates on developing cures for all types of blood-related cancers. Its research labs are located at Moores Cancer Center, and its director is Dr. Thomas Kipps of UC San Diego. Learn more about the Blood Cancer Research Fund.

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Personalized Cancer Care

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We now use genetic testing to analyze your cancer type and tailor treatments specifically for you. See Center for Personalized Cancer Therapy. 

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