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Nutrition at Moores Cancer Center

We stay up to date on the most current nutrition research and information so we can help you make the best choices.

Healing Foods Program

The Healing Foods Program is designed to help you adopt a diet that will promote health and fight disease. One key part of our program is monthly cooking classes and nutrition seminars.

Appointments with a Clinical Dietitian

Consultations with a clinical dietitian are available for patients undergoing treatment and experiencing dietary challenges including loss of appetite, nausea, difficulty swallowing, constipation, fatigue, and significant weight loss. There is a fee for consultation, but many insurance plans reimburse for the service. To schedule an appointment, obtain a referral from your oncologist, then call 858-822-6100.

Why Nutrition Is Important for Cancer Patients

Throughout the cancer experience, from initial treatments and recovery through long-term survivorship, nutrition is an important component of care and overall health. Cancer and associated treatments can affect your appetite, your body’s need for nutrients, your eating habits and the way your body digests food. After treatment it is important to set and achieve healthy goals that will benefit your overall health and quality of life. A healthy balanced diet may be challenging during cancer treatment, but it is important for supporting your body’s needs during this time. Achieving and maintaining a good nutritional status can:

  • Increase the likelihood of completing prescribed treatments
  • Reduce treatment recovery time
  • Improve health-related quality of life
  • Reduce risk of developing other diseases, such as heart disease or diabetes
  • Possibly reduce risk for recurrence and new primary cancers
  • Possibly improve prognosis and overall survival rates

Nutrition needs change throughout the different phases of cancer survivorship. See the following links for more information and guidelines:


  • To meet with a dietician, first obtain a referral from your oncologist and then call 858-822-6100 to schedule an appointment.


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