Pharmacy Services


Pharmacist and patient

If you are a patient at UC San Diego Health, our expert pharmacists can take care of all your medication needs, including prescription refills, specialty pharmacy services and home infusion services.

We offer expert consults and can discuss your medications, potential drug-drug interactions, foods to avoid while on medications and other lifestyle tips that can improve the efficacy of your treatment.

We have several pharmacies in the San Diego area. Find one close to you.

Pharmacy Locations 

Questions about UC San Diego Pharmacy Services? Call us at 619-543-6191

Prescription Refills


Specialty Pharmacy


We offer specialty pharmacy services for individuals with complex medical conditions such as cancer or hepatitis C.  

Patients can chose between locations at Moores Cancer Center and Kearny Mesa.

Specialty Pharmacy

Home Infusion Services


We offer at-home infusion services for:

  • Parenteral nutrition
  • Fluid therapy
  • Antibiotics and other intermittent infusions
  • Chemotherapy
Home Infusion Services