Strategic Framework for UC San Diego Health

Our Mission

To deliver outstanding patient care through commitment to the community, groundbreaking research and inspired teaching.

Our Vision

To create a healthier world — one life at a time — through new science, new medicine and new cures

Our strategic framework provides long-term direction in support of our mission and vision as an academic medical center within the University of California system.

The framework, developed in 2019-20 through in-depth discussions with faculty, staff and administrators, is structured as a house built on the bedrock of a supportive culture and a strong financial foundation. In this conceptual model, success at one level of our enterprise relies on the success of the levels beneath it.

Strategic Framework Goals

Culture is our bedrock – We will continue to cultivate smart decision making, accountability, engagement and integrity, and to address structural racism and health disparities.

Strong financial foundation – UC San Diego Health must be financially secure to maintain and grow programs that help our patients and the community. We will continue to design and plan for a financially sustainable future.

Clinical delivery pillars – We have three key goals:

  • Deliver excellent experiences for patients and their families
  • Maintain high reliability in patient safety and quality of care
  • Provide consumers with a convenient and comprehensive care network, including a range of inpatient, ambulatory and telehealth care options

Academic medical center (AMC) mission – Our ability to reach our full potential as San Diego's only academic medical center depends on our success achieving the other goals.

Chief Strategy Officer