Neuropsychological Testing

UC San Diego Health offers neuropsychological testing to evaluate a broad range of cognitive and behavioral issues resulting from brain dysfunction.

These services are only available to UC San Diego Health patients and require a referral from your UC San Diego Health provider.


Neuropsychological testing is designed to measure, test and assess brain-behavior relationships as they relate to attention, verbal ability, learning and memory, spatial organization, initiation of behavior, abstract thinking, and other higher-level cognitive abilities.

We can evaluate the cognitive capacity of:

We can also help determine baseline mental function:

  • Before initiating treatment 
  • When progressive dementia is suspected
  • Before neurosurgery

Testing may also be recommended after a brain injury or when a brain disorder may impact a person's ability to work or live independently.

Cost & Insurance

Although not inexpensive, we are committed to keeping costs reasonable and below the price of most comparable community-based services. In addition, many insurance companies cover either all or a substantial portion of the cost of assessment, if policy provisions such as pre-authorization are met.