Precision Medicine

Our Center for Personalized Cancer Therapy specializes in genomics and immunotherapy to deliver more precision medicine approaches to cancer care than any health system in the region.

What Is Precision Medicine?

No two cancers are alike, just as no two people are alike. Precision medicine uses advanced technologies to tailor treatment to your particular tumor. The cornerstone of precision medicine is molecular testing of your tumor's genetic profile. 

Who May Benefit from Precision Medicine?

Although precision medicine approaches may eventually become the standard of care, they're often available only through research studies or clinical trials.

You may want to participate in a clinical trial or research study if your cancer has not responded to treatment or is a type of cancer that typically does not respond well to treatment. You should talk with your oncologist if you are interested in participating in a clinical trial, as they can help screen you for trials and research studies.

Why Should You Choose UC San Diego Health for Precision Medicine?

UC San Diego Health physicians and their colleagues at UC San Diego School of Medicine are world-class physician-researchers pioneering precision medicine therapies and approaches. This means you have more opportunities to receive innovative treatments, as we typically have thousands of individuals in active cancer treatment through participation in clinical trials.

What to Expect?

If you choose to include personalized medicine in your care plan, your UC San Diego Health oncologist may:

  • Order molecular testing of your tumor's genetic profile
  • Review your medical information with Moores Cancer Center's Molecular Tumor Board, a group of expert physicians and world-class scientists who meet regularly to discuss preferred treatment options

You and your oncologist will then discuss the next steps based on your testing results and the board's recommendations.

Experimental Therapeutics Program

If you are a candidate for a research study or clinical trial, you may be referred to the Experimental Therapeutics Program, which is dedicated to making the newest cancer therapies available to those who are most likely to benefit from them. Researchers with expertise in cancer genetics, immunotherapy and early-phase drug development lead the program, which is currently focused on:

  • Early-phase immunotherapy trials. (See: Precision Immunotherapy Clinic)
  • Evaluating the outcomes of individuals who had genomic testing performed on their tumors and were treated with a matched targeted anticancer therapy
  • Determining if genomics can be performed on blood samples to assist in predicting patient outcomes or response to treatment.

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WIN Consortium for Personalized Cancer Care

UC San Diego Health is a member of the Worldwide Innovative Network (WIN) Consortium, a global network of 32 distinguished academic, industry, and patient advocacy organizations working to make truly personalized cancer care a reality for patients worldwide.

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