Online Diagnosis for Skin Conditions

Sometimes it can be difficult or time-consuming to begin treatment for a skin condition.

UC San Diego Health now offers easy and convenient access to our dermatologists, who can offer treatment plans and prescriptions for rashes and other skin conditions based on your images. This is an ideal way to get a second opinion on a skin condition diagnosis as well.

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How it Works

Dr. Brian Hinds will review your images and respond within 2 business days with a diagnosis and treatment plan. If your treatment plan includes a prescription, it will be automatically sent to your pharmacy. This can help you make an informed decision without the hassle or wait of a specialty referral or traveling to an office.

UC San Diego Health uses a secure online platform to receive your images and deliver the dermatologist's response.


The cost is $75. (Depending on your health insurance, you may be able to submit the cost for reimbursement.)