Menopause Health

If your quality of life is diminished due to menopause, we can help.

Menopause is a natural process that simply means the end of menstruation. As a woman ages, there is a gradual decline in the function of her ovaries and the production of estrogen, progesterone and testosterone.

The decline of estrogen can lead to symptoms, including hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness, and mood changes.

Natural menopause usually occurs between the ages of 45 to 55, and it becomes official when you have not had a menstrual period for 12 consecutive months.

Some women experience menopause at younger ages due to premature ovarian failure, cancer therapy, or surgical removal of both ovaries.

When to See a Doctor

Our menopause health program, the first of its kind in San Diego, is a multidisciplinary service designed to meet the complex needs of women approaching or experiencing natural, surgical or premature menopause.

We start with an extended consultation, including a complete review of medical history and physical exam.

Personalized Care Plan

We then work with you to create a plan to manage your health and menopause symptoms. Our services include:

  • Hormone testing and hormone therapy
  • Gynecologic care for menopausal women
  • Preventive health care
  • Information and resources related to cardiovascular, breast, bone and urogenital health, as well as lifestyle, mental health, and sexuality issues
  • Assessment and treatment of sexual dysfunction
  • Mammography
  • Bone density testing

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