Women's Sexual Health

If you're experiencing issues related to sexual desire or sexual function, we can help.

Although these issues are quite common, especially as women age, they are not frequently discussed or properly diagnosed.

Sexual health is an important part of your well-being. Many women with sexual complaints suffer in silence.

Our team of gynecologists and urologists has advanced training in conditions that can affect your sexual health. Their experience and empathy will help you get the best care possible for these challenges.

When to See a Specialist

If your sexual health is a concern for you, we can help you discover the cause of your condition and offer solutions. This might include medications, hormone therapy or minor surgery if pain is involved.

When appropriate, we can also refer you to psychological support, including therapists for sex or intimacy issues. We also have a unique program for male reproductive and sexual health services for partners of our patients.

Conditions We Treat

We evaluate and treat issues related to sexual health, such as:

  • Pain during intercourse
  • Low libido or lack of sexual desire
  • Difficulty with orgasm