Supervised Exercise Therapy for PAD

If you have peripheral artery disease (PAD) and experience pain or other symptoms while walking, you may benefit from Supervised Exercise Therapy (SET).

SET is a physician-referred exercise and education program for people diagnosed with lower extremity peripheral artery disease (PAD) who have symptoms of intermittent claudication (IC).

Goals of Supervised Exercise Therapy

  • Reduce symptoms such as leg, thigh or buttock pain
  • Improve heart health and circulation
  • Improve endurance and strength
  • Slow the progression of atherosclerosis to reduce the risk of heart attack or stroke

Our Services

  • Supervised exercise training program to increase the distance you can walk pain-free
  • Program delivered by clinical exercise physiologists and registered nurses
  • Sessions are held 3 times per week for 12 weeks and the program is covered by some insurance carriers, including Medicare


Patients are usually referred to us by a doctor but are welcome to call us at 858-249-1308 for help with this process.