HIV Neurology

Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is now a chronic, manageable infection thanks to antiretroviral therapies. However, neurological complications are growing among people with HIV, especially as the population ages.

The most common problems are often associated with vascular disease, including stroke and vascular dementia due to chronic inflammation and metabolic syndrome-related disorders, as well as the side effects of long-term antiretroviral therapy.

World-renowned for HIV treatment and research, UC San Diego Health offers a neurology treatment program for people living with HIV and its neurological side effects, including:

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Our HIV Neurology Team

Our program is led by Ron Ellis, MD, PhD, a leading expert on HIV neurology. He also conducts groundbreaking research in the field, conducting clinical research to evaluate the efficacy of new drug treatments for HIV, such as tesamorelin for neurocognitive disorders and dementia, and pregabalin for HIV-associated, painful distal sensory polyneuropathy.

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