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FAQs about the UC San Diego Health Administrative Fellowship


  1. Who is eligible for the fellowship?
    Candidates who will graduate with an accredited MHA, MHSA, MBA, MPH, MSN, MS or equivalent between July 1, 2021, and July 1, 2023.

  2. Can the Administrative Fellowship be applied toward the residency placement required to complete my graduate degree?
    No. The UC San Diego Health Administrative Fellowship is a postgraduate position, and it is expected that the fellow will complete their graduate degree prior to the start date of the fellowship.

  3. What level of experience is required to apply for the fellowship?
    Applicants are welcomed to apply regardless of their level of experience. However, we strongly encourage that applicants have experience within a healthcare profession, including an internship, volunteer experience, externship, or full-time employment.

Application Process

  1. Will there be informational webinars?

    Yes, we will be hosting two informational webinars. The first webinar will be Tuesday, August 9 from 12-1PM PDT. You can register for Webinar #1 here. The second webinar will be Thursday, September 1 from 1-2PM PDT. You can register for Webinar #2 here.

  2. How many fellows are selected for the fellowship each year?
    UC San Diego Health holds anywhere from 1-2 fellowship positions each year. The number of fellows selected each year is based off of merit and organizational capacity.

  3. How will candidates advance through the interview process?

    Candidates who pass our initial screen will be invited to participate in phone interviews in early October. Those who excel at this phone interview will have the chance to participate in virtual final-round interviews in mid to late October.

  4. When will candidates be notified?
    The final candidates will be notified by the end of October.

Program Structure

  1. How flexible is the fellowship start date?
    The tentative start date for the fellowship is early July. UC San Diego Health will work with the fellow to determine a specific start date to fit the needs of the organization and individual.

  2. How will rotations be structured?
    The first half of the appointment allows the fellow to rotate with each member of the executive team and to gain a broad perspective of the health system (approximately 6 months). Fellows will have the opportunity to delve deeper into specific areas based on their interests and organizational needs through follow-up meetings or projects.

  3. How will projects be assigned to the fellow?
    The preceptor and fellow will work together to select projects based on the priorities of the health system and the interests/professional development of the Fellow.

  4. Where will the fellow be based?
    The fellow will be based at the executive administration offices, but will have the opportunity to travel to other campuses or affiliated facilities based on projects, rotations, and standing executive level meetings.

  5. What opportunities will the fellow have to attend executive level meetings?
    The fellow will have a standing responsibility throughout their fellowship to attend the executive level meetings for UC San Diego Health and UC San Diego School of Medicine. Such meetings may include the executive team, councils, governing body, and steering committee meetings.

  6. Is this a full-time, benefits-eligible, paid position?
    Yes. The UC San Diego Health Administrative Fellowship is a full-time, salaried position. UC San Diego Health offers a competitive salary and full benefits including, but not limited to, accrual of vacation/sick time, pension, as well as medical, dental and vision insurance. The fellow is also eligible for reimbursement for one national healthcare conference in order to further his or her professional development. Fellows are considered 100% full-time career employees.


  1. Who is the current Administrative Fellow? Are they available for contact with further questions about the Fellowship?
    The current administrative fellows are Eileen Dai and Victoria Luong. UC San Diego Health welcomes applicants to contact them with questions or feedback. They can be reached at, or directly at:
    • Eileen Dai,
    • Victoria Luong,