Your Hospital Stay

Your health and comfort during your hospital stay are our top priorities at UC San Diego Health. Our physicians and staff are here to make sure you receive the best care and your personal needs are met.

Real-time information during your hospital stay: Get updates about your medications, care team, test results and more when you access MyUCSDChart using the MyUCSDHealth app on your mobile device. MyUCSDChart is our secure patient health portal where you can receive information about your hospital stay in real time. Learn how to set up MyUCSDChart.

Wireless Internet Access (Wi-Fi)

The UCSD-GUEST wireless network is available to all visitors and guests at UC San Diego Health clinics and hospitals. It is an unencrypted service that requires weekly user registration. To access the network, select UCSD-GUEST and follow the instructions to accept the terms of use.

Valuables and Personal Items

Valuables, such as jewelry and costly clothing, should not be brought to the hospital. Money and credit cards should only be brought to the hospital if you have a payment to make at the time of service. If you are having surgery, it is best to have a family member or friend hold your personal items, including watches, dentures, glasses and wigs. UC San Diego Health cannot be held responsible for lost or missing personal items, regardless of value.

Lost and Found

Lost and found items are turned in to the Security Services Office. To contact the Security Services Office, please call 619-543-3762. 

Mail and Flower Deliveries

Mail is delivered to patient rooms Monday through Friday. Please ensure all deliveries are correctly addressed with the patient’s first and last name, hospital name, and room number, if possible.

Our hospital gift shops provide flowers, gifts and other items that can be delivered to patients. 

Media and Entertainment Resources

Books, magazines, crafts, puzzles, and games are available for you to enjoy during your stay. Our volunteers are happy to deliver any of these items to your room! Please call Volunteer Services at 619-543-6370.

Television is offered to all patients free of charge. You will receive instructions for operating your TV. All rooms at Jacobs Medical Center are equipped with iPads and Apple TV. The iPad can be used to adjust room temperature and lighting, raise/lower the blinds, provide entertainment, and connect to MyUCSDChart for immediate access to your lab results and other health information.

Noise Issues

Maintaining a quiet environment is important to support healing. We are committed to creating as quiet an environment as possible. Please speak with your nurse if your stay is being disrupted by noise.


Animals can provide physical and psychological benefits to patients. The Tender Loving Canine (TLC) Visitation Program offers visits from specially trained pet therapy dogs. Personal pets (cats and dogs) can also aid the healing process. Pet visits for hospital patients visits must be planned in advance with your care team.