Your Care Team

Patients at UC San Diego Health benefit from a variety of licensed health care professionals who make up their care team. This team may include physicians, advanced practice providers, nurses, case managers, social workers and others.


UC San Diego Health is an academic medical center and teaching hospital. During a hospital stay, you may be treated by a team of doctors that includes attending physicians, residents, fellows and interns.

Advanced Practice Providers (APPs)

During a clinic visit or hospital stay, your care team may also include advanced practice providers (APPs). These providers are licensed health care professionals who have received advanced education and training in a specialized area. They collaborate with other providers, including physicians, to ensure patients receive comprehensive care.

Other Professionals

During Your Hospital Stay

It's normal for your hospital care team to change and to have many doctors treating you. Even the attending physician may change during your stay.

As new doctors join the team, they will introduce themselves. Although your doctors may change, the high quality of your care will remain the same.

Our nurses go above and beyond what is expected to take care of their patients. They willingly advocate for your needs. The skill, care and compassion of our nurses can be seen the minute you enter the hospital until the moment you leave.