Comprehensive Breast Health Center

Personalized Cancer Care

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UC San Diego Health now uses genetic testing to analyze tumors and tailor cancer treatments to individual patients.

See Center for Personalized Cancer Therapy.

Compassionate and Customized Treatment
for Breast Cancer or Benign Breast Disease

If you've been recently diagnosed with breast cancer or a benign breast condition and don't know where to begin, start your journey with us. We have approaches you won't find anywhere else in the San Diego region. Our doctors, research scientists and other providers collaborate to give you cancer-fighting resources that only an academic health system can provide.

Why Choose Us?

UC San Diego Health is ranked among the nation's best in cancer services by U.S. News & World Report, and is one of fewer than 50 National Cancer Institute (NCI)-designated Comprehensive Cancer Centers in the country—and the only one in San Diego County. And:

  • Our breast specialists are leaders in their field and members of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network, helping to set standards for cancer detection and treatment 
  • Studies show patient outcomes are better at NCI-designated cancer centers
  • Access to comprehensive services in a warm, caring environment
  • Leading-edge technology, including genetic testing and personalized therapy
  • You'll benefit from the expertise of a multidisciplinary review board that meets weekly to discuss the best treatment for each individual patient 
  • You may be eligible for clinical trials that allow you to be among the first to benefit from novel treatments

Breast Cancer Q&A

Our breast cancer experts answer questions about mammogram guidelines, genetic testing and preventive mastectomies, inflammatory breast cancer (IBC), and possible future treatments. Read the Q&A.

A Treatment Strategy Unique to You

Here, you’ll find specialists who work together to understand your individual disease and to develop a treatment strategy that is unique to you – one targeted to your specific disease. This means you’ll get the best chance at breast conservation and the most current chemotherapy, hormonal therapy or radiation options for the most favorable results. And if you qualify for one of our many research trials, you’ll have access to treatments that offer hope for better therapies in the future. Read more in Treatment Options.

A True Team Approach

It’s rare to find a true team approach that coordinates the multiple specialties needed for your particular case, but you’ll find it here. Our physicians, surgeons, oncologists, radiologists, pathologists, advanced practice providers and social workers all work together—most just down the hall from one another—and meet weekly to discuss the best options for every patient. This ongoing collaboration means you do not have to run from specialist to specialist, hoping that they communicate and agree on your treatment. Meet our team.

Extraordinary Support Services

Our comprehensive approach goes beyond providing you with the best available treatment options. From your first visit here, you’ll gain access to extraordinary care and support services, including acupuncture, massage, support groups and classes, and dietary counseling. Our psychosocial support team will put you in touch with resources to help manage your life and your wellness during treatment and recovery.

Follow-up Continues Past Initial Treatment

Your team will stay with you for years through our Survivorship Program. While most surgeons don't follow their patients for very long after surgery, our entire team is involved in your follow-up care for many years. Read more about the Survivorship Program.