Breast Care Quality Metrics

Commission on Cancer's Quality of Care Measures

UC San Diego Health's cancer program is accredited by the Commission on Cancer (CoC), which collects standardized data from CoC-accredited health care settings to measure cancer care quality.

The data presented below is included in the CoC's quality of care measures for breast cancer, and are for diagnosis year 2014, the most recent year for which data is available. (Data provided by the National Cancer Database.)

The purpose of the data is to compare the care of breast cancer patients at UC San Diego Health with other CoC-accredited cancer programs regionally and nationwide. UC San Diego's results compare favorably in all below measures. For more information about quality and safety measures, see Quality Care.

Administration of hormone therapy is considered within one year of diagnosis (when appropriate)

UC San Diego Health94.4%
State of California89.6%
Pacific Region91.4%
Teaching Hospitals93.0%
All Commission on Cancer Approved Programs92.5%


Radiation therapy is recommended or administered following any mastectomy within one year of diagnosis (when appropriate)

UC San Diego Health91.3%
State of California84.5%
Pacific Region87.1%
Teaching Hospitals89.5%
All Commission on Cancer Approved Programs88.6%


Radiation is administered within one year of diagnosis for women receiving breast conservation surgery (when appropriate)

UC San Diego Health95.3%
State of California89.3%
Pacific Region91.0%
Teaching Hospitals92.5%
All Commission on Cancer Approved Programs92.2%

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