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Moores Cancer Center at UC San Diego Health has been named an NPF Center by the National Pancreas Foundation. This designation is for premier health facilities that focus on high-quality, multidisciplinary approaches to pancreatic disease.

Pancreatic cancer is a fast-growing cancer that has become the fourth leading cause of cancer death.

If you suspect you have pancreatic cancer, or if you’ve already received a diagnosis, UC San Diego Health is ready to care for you. We see more pancreatic cancer patients than any other medical center in the region, and our surgeons perform the highest volume of the complex procedures for this kind of cancer. Our decades of clinical expertise, combined with scientific advances from our research team, mean that we offer medical care not available anywhere else in the region.

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After being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, dad and athlete Chris Kerwin wasn't sure if he would make it to Thanksgiving. Now, after working with Dr. Paul Fanta and Dr. Andrew Lowy, he is back to being active and spending time with his family.

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We now use genetic testing to analyze tumors and tailor cancer treatments to individual patients. See Center for Personalized Cancer Therapy.