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Center for Personalized Cancer Therapy

Center for Personalized Cancer Therapy

Personalized therapy, also called precision medicine, is treatment that is tailored to abnormal genes in your particular tumor. It is available at UC San Diego Health through the Center for Personalized Cancer Therapy. We specialize in genomics and immunotherapy.

About Personalized Therapy

No two cancers are alike, just as no two people are alike. Our goal is to transform cancer therapy by using advanced technological tools to predict who will respond to a specific treatment, and to match each patient with the best drug for a particular tumor.

Recent technological advances have made it possible to generate a profile of the abnormalities in the genetic code of a tumor. By gathering enough data, we can identify profiles that will allow us to begin to tailor cancer treatments to individual patients.

Our Strategy

The Center for Personalized Cancer Therapy is an important initiative of UC San Diego Health and Moores Cancer Center. The center works with patients with all types of cancer. As part of this initiative, your Moores Cancer Center oncologist may:

  • Order molecular testing of your tumor's genetic profile
  • Review your medical information with Moores Cancer Center's Molecular Tumor Board, a group of expert physicians and world-class scientists who meet regularly to discuss the best treatment for each patient

Based on your genetic testing results, your options may include a new treatment being studied in a clinical trial. As a National Cancer Institute-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center, Moores Cancer Center participates in more than 200 clinical trials for novel therapies. For more information, see Experimental Therapeutics Program.

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