Moores Cancer Center Patient Experience

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Phone: 619-543-5678

To contact the Moores Cancer Center patient advocate directly, or to send an online form or U.S. mail, see instructions below.

Your experience is important to us. We can offer assistance with:

  • Requests for information
  • Requests for translators or sign language interpreters
  • Requests for patient advocacy (acting as a liaison to help solve a problem or resolve a misunderstanding)
  • Compliments, complaints, or ideas for improvement
  • Questions about patient rights
  • Advance directives

Meet the Moores Cancer Center Experience Officer

Patient advocate Suzanne Agarwal

Suzanne Agarwal, MS, RN, is the patient advocate at Moores Cancer Center.

Suzanne Agarwal, MS, RN, serves as the patient advocate for all patients receiving cancer care at UC San Diego Health, including Moores Cancer Center and our outpatient clinics in Encintas and Vista. Suzanne strives to help make each patient's experience positive and memorable. 

Suzanne spends parts of each day walking the halls, talking with patients, caregivers, and family members. She also strives to be the patient voice behind the scenes, by offering a patient perspective at staff meetings and in decisions about how our patient care areas function.

As a former nurse in emergency medicine and trauma care, Suzanne has a rich history of advocating for patients, including people who learned they had cancer in the emergency room. She has also been in the role of family member, when her mother was diagnosed with leukemia.

Suzanne has had a long association with Moores Cancer Center. As the former chair of the Patient & Family Advisory Council, she is knowledgeable about patient needs and committed to listening carefully and integrating ideas that help us deliver excellent and compassionate care.

Suzanne welcomes contact from patients. To reach her directly, call 858-534-5561 or email

UC San Diego Health Patient Experience

Moores Cancer Center's patient relations advocate is part of UC San Diego Health's Patient Experience team, which acts as a liaison between the patients, hospitals and physicians to address concerns, complaints and issues. We are here to assist patients and families and to ensure that their experience with UC San Diego Health is a positive one.

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