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Gender Health Program

person holding transgender flag

At UC San Diego Health, you'll find providers who understand that gender-affirming care can help you live a healthier, more authentic life. We know that getting high-quality health services can be challenging for those who are transgender or nonbinary.

Look to UC San Diego Health for the most comprehensive gender health program. We are the only hospital system in San Diego to offer the full spectrum of gender-affirming services to individuals 18 years of age and older. 

We want to help you feel comfortable through your gender journey. That's why we offer coordinated care with a licensed clinical social worker to help you navigate our services in a way that meets your individual needs.

UC San Diego Health is proud to be recognized by the Human Rights Campaign Foundation as a leader in LGBTQ+ health care equity. We repeatedly score a perfect 100 on its scorecard for equitable treatment and inclusion of LGBTQ+ patients, visitors, and our employees.

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How to Become a Patient

To become a patient, you can work with our care coordinator or can make an appointment directly with the appropriate doctor on the list below. If you have an HMO insurance plan, you will need your primary care physician to refer you to a specialist. You may also select a primary care physician with our gender health program.

For questions about insurance and whether your health insurance plan covers your care or surgery, see:

If your current insurance plan does not cover care at UC San Diego Health, see:

Care Coordination

Rai KhamisaRai Khamisa, LCSW (they/them), is our Gender Health Program coordinator. Rai is a POC gender-affirming licensed therapist who prides themselves on serving the communities they inhabit. They have built their career on working with queer and trans/gender diverse individuals, BIPOC communities, and universities and businesses that want to provide a more affirming environment for gender diverse individuals. 

They continue to work towards reaching communities that identify in the LGB+, trans, gender diverse, and BIPOC spectrums through therapy and case management, supervision, program development and training.

Working closely with patients, medical staff, our gender health insurance specialist and other program managers, they hope to earn your trust in supporting you during your gender journey. For more information, email us at

Providers and Key Services

To better serve the transgender, nonbinary and gender diverse communities, we offer a targeted, multidisciplinary approach to gender health that includes primary care physicians and medical specialists with experience in gender-affirming care. 

With this comprehensive approach, you can select the services and surgeries that are right for you and your gender health goals.

Primary Care

For holistic gender affirmation, hormone therapy and referrals to specialists you need to achieve your gender health goals:


For laser hair removal:


For hormone therapy:


For tracheal shaves and vocal cord feminization:

For vocal coaching:


For hysterectomies and discussions around testosterone and reproductive health:


For egg preservation:

For sperm banking:

Plastic Surgery

For body contouring:

For facial feminization and masculinization:

For breast augmentation and mastectomies (top surgeries):