Peripheral Nerve Disorders

The multidisciplinary team at UC San Diego Health is dedicated to providing accurate, top-notch care for nerve pain, nerve compression injuries, nerve trauma, and other disorders of the peripheral nerves. 

Our specialists are able to quickly diagnose and treat nerve-related functional impairments and nerve tumors using leading-edge surgical techniques.

Learn more about the symptoms and causes of peripheral nerve disorders and the peripheral nervous system.

Nerve Sheath Tumors

Nerve sheath tumors can grow anywhere in the body. Get the facts on malignant nerve tumors and tumor removal. Learn more

Nerve Pain

Learn how we treat nerve pain - such as meralgia paresthetica, occipital neuralgia, inguinal neuralgia, and neuromas. Learn more

Nerve Compression

Surgical treatment to decompress the nerve may be considered for entrapment neuropathies such as carpal tunnel, thoracic outlet syndrome and peroneal neuropathy. Learn more

Nerve Injuries

Trauma and sometimes even other surgical procedures can result in paralysis and disability in particular nerves. Our peripheral nerve experts can treat these nerve injuries (including brachial plexus and facial nerve injuries) and restore function. Learn more

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