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Pre-Operative Pain Consultations and Inpatient Pain Service

With referral from a surgeon, patients scheduled for surgery at UC San Diego Health may receive pre-operative pain consultations with our pain-care team. This service is designed to help patients with:
  • Chronic pain 
  • Previous difficulty with post-operative pain
  • Tolerance to prescription opioid pain medications
  • Allergy or intolerance to multiple pain medications
Those who opt for this service will meet with our pain care team before admission to the hospital to develop a pain management plan for before, during and after surgery. Each plan is tailored to the individual and may include:
  • Preemptive pain-killers before and during surgery
  • Regional and epidural pain-relief techniques, which can be continued post-operatively
  • Drugs for post-operative pain management
Though individual pain management plans may vary depending on each person’s unique situation, all plans are designed to:
  • Facilitate patients’ recovery and comfort
  • Help surgeons control post-operative pain 
  • Coordinate pre- and post-operative pain care with inpatient pain care specialists
  • Reduce pain medications’ side effects
  • Reduce the chances of developing chronic pain


Appointments & Referrals

Those interested in receiving care at our center must get a referral from a physician, typically a primary care provider. Self-referral to our center is not allowed. This enables ongoing, coordinated care for the chronic pain patient.

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