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Care for Older Adults: Senior Behavioral Health

The Senior Behavioral Health program at UC San Diego Health is designed to treat and care for people 65 and older with mild, moderate or severe mental health concerns.

These mental health issues may be related to aging, chronic health problems, loss of loved ones or other stressful life events, or they may be conditions that have gone unaddressed for decades. Whatever the origin of a person’s mental health issues, our programs are tailored to help improve day-to-day functioning and enjoy a higher quality of life and improved health.

Why Choose Us?

As the region's only academic medical center, our health care providers have training, expertise and familiarity with the medical, social and psychiatric complexities of the aging process. We understand the aging process, recognizes its challenges and celebrate its joys. We will work collaboratively with your primary care physician and medical specialists to help you maintain your independence and thrive.

All Levels of Care

You have access to a range of services to diagnose and treat mental health conditions, including: 

  •  Medication management and psychotherapy
  • Testing and assessment for suspected memory or neurocognitive disorders at our Memory, Aging and Resilience Clinic
  • An intensive outpatient program for sub-acute mental health challenges or a transition from inpatient psychiatric care
  • Inpatient (hospitalization) services for the highest-level of care in a warm and supportive environment
  • Signs that May Indicate the Need for Help

    Mental health issues often go unrecognized and undiagnosed, particularly among older adults. Look for signs of:

    • Depression
    • Social withdrawal
    • Severe anxiety
    • Suicidal thoughts
    • Sleep and appetite changes
    • Loss of interest in appearance
    • Hallucinations
    • Confusion
    • Severe memory loss
    • Changes in behavior or personality

Age-Friendly Health System Award

Age-Friendly Health Systems - Committed to Care Excellence Badge

UC San Diego Health has been recognized as Committed to Care Excellence by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI), becoming the first health care system in San Diego to join the Age-Friendly Health Systems initiative of more than 100 health systems across the U.S. The designation acknowledges our exemplary implementation of a set of key, evidence-based best practices designed to improve care for seniors.

Appointments & Referrals

Outpatient services

Intensive outpatient program

Inpatient (hospitalization) services


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To support mental health care services for older adults, contact Doug Jackson at 858-246-1564 or