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Outcome Measures for Organ Transplantation

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At UC San Diego Health’s Center for Transplantation, you receive the highest-quality care in the safest healthcare environment.

Our patient and transplant organ (graft) survival rates exceed the national average for all programs, placing us among the nation's best transplant centers by the Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients (SRTR).

To help you make an informed decision about where to seek an organ transplant, we provide outcome data for each of our transplant programs. This information helps you as a consumer and it helps us continuously strive to improve the care we provide.

One-Year Transplant Survival Rates from the January 2023 SRTR Report

OrganPatient / Graft Survival*
UC San Diego Health Survival Rate
National Survival Rate
Patient Survival
Graft Survival90.32%87.71%
HeartPatient Survival96.25%91.28%
Graft Survival95.64%90.91%
KidneyPatient Survival97.23% 95.89%
Graft Survival96.35%93.85%
LiverPatient Survival93.82%93.73%
Graft Survival93.25%91.89%

*Graft survival refers to the survival of the transplanted organ.

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