Supplier Registration

Supplier registration makes it easy for UC San Diego Health to collect, evaluate, and qualify suppliers worldwide who are a strategic fit for future opportunities. Detailed profiles on suppliers include information on their diversity status, certifications, and contacts.

Registering offers you the opportunity to participate in sourcing events within the University of California system. These events may be systemwide, multi-campus or campus-specific.

Your business will receive the greatest exposure if you register with all of the databases below. Also, registering with the IntelliCentrics, our credentialing service, is required for all suppliers who will visit any UC San Diego Health facility in an official capacity.

How to Register

Select a link below for current vendors, potential vendors, or small business suppliers looking for new supplier sources.


Current and potential vendors must register in CalUsource. Registering in CalUsource offers you the opportunity to participate in sourcing events and bidding opportunities. To view sourcing events and bidding opportunities you do not need to be registered, but you must be registered to participate in the events.

UC San Diego Health uses as its supplier database for the entire University of California system.’s SupplierOne Registration portal enables diverse and small business suppliers to be discovered by over 400 corporations looking for new supplier sources. Suppliers can create free profiles with the information buyers need to know when evaluating companies and products.

Contact Us

Email us to tell us about your business and how you’d like to partner with UCSD Health.

Not a Guarantee

Please note that registering in the databases DOES NOT guarantee a business opportunity.