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Endobronchial Radiation Therapy (Brachytherapy)

Endobronchial radiation therapy is a type of brachytherapy that provides localized radiation to the larger airway, including trachea and bronchi. Radiation is delivered through a small catheter placed into the airways during bronchoscopy. This therapy is coordinated with radiation oncology and usually requires three separate procedures.

Why is it used?

  • Helps destroy airway cancers that are causing airway narrowing, bleeding, or recurrent infections
  • Removes abnormal granulation tissue

What Makes Endobronchial Radiation Therapy (Brachytherapy) Different?

  • Unlike conventional radiation which is delivered from outside the body, aimed at an inward target, brachytherapy is truly localized radiation delivered to just the airways
  • Three separate procedures are required to provide HDR (high dose radiation)

Benefits of Brachytherapy

  • May reduce some unwanted side-effects of conventional radiation
  • Localized radiation minimizes energy delivered to healthy tissue that is not intended to be treated

Appointments & Referrals

NOTE: All referrals will still have the option of continuing treatment with their primary care physicians after the procedure.

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