Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT) Care

At UC San Diego Health, you'll find top quality ear, nose and throat care that you won't find anywhere else. 

Whether your condition is common or rare, your doctor has seen your condition before and knows what treatment will be most effective and safe for you.

If you have a chronic condition or issue that has not responded to treatment elsewhere, we can help you find an otolaryngologist who can begin problem-solving with you.

Conditions We Treat

Choose UC San Diego Health for ENT care.

Our experienced doctors treat a variety of ENT conditions, whether common or rare.

Advanced Tests and Treatments

You have access to the most advanced tests and tools to correctly diagnose very subtle and often-misdiagnosed conditions. An accurate diagnosis is a crucial first step to developing an effective treatment plan. If you have received a diagnosis elsewhere and would like the peace of mind that it is correct, we offer second opinion services.

You can find a range of surgical and non-surgical options to treat your condition while taking into account your lifestyle preferences and underlying health status. No other hospital system in the San Diego region offers more treatment approaches than UC San Diego Health for ENT and head and neck conditions. 

Clinical Trials 

As part of an academic medical center, you will be seen by doctors who are actively investigating better ways to treat ear infections, hearing loss and other ENT and head and neck conditions. Because of this, you may be able to receive a promising new treatment through participation in a clinical trial. Ask your doctor whether investigational therapy is the best choice for you.

Find a Clinical Trial

Our ENT Experts

At UC San Diego Health, your otolaryngologist is a true expert in the field, with specialized training and expertise in highly specific areas of otolaryngology. This means you will be seen by a doctor who has the highest level of training and experience in your health condition.