Acoustic Neuroma Program

At UC San Diego Health, we focus on compassionate, comprehensive care for patients with acoustic neuroma.

Starting with the first phone call and extending through all aspects of care, our dedicated patient navigator eases you through the process and our expert team is ready to help you achieve the best outcome possible.

Acoustic neuroma is a rare, noncancerous tumor that develops on the main nerve connecting the ear to the brain. The tumor grows slowly and presses on the hearing and balance nerves in the inner ear. This pressure can cause hearing loss, ringing in the ear, and loss of balance.

Acoustic neuroma is also called a vestibular schwannoma, as it is caused by the overproduction of Schwann cells in the nervous system.

Expertise in Acoustic Neuroma Surgery and Radiosurgery

Led by Rick Friedman, MD, PhD, and Marc Schwartz, MD, our multidisciplinary team of specialists and researchers work in concert to advance treatment options and deliver exceptional care.

Our physicians and surgeons are internationally recognized for their expertise and bring many years of experience in clinical care, clinical management, teaching and research to advance the treatment of acoustic neuroma.

This care team includes experts in the fields of otology, neurotology, otolaryngology, neurology, radiology, radiation oncology, audiology, neuro-oncology and neurosurgery. They are joined by specially trained nurses, therapists, medical assistants and treatment coordinators.

Advantages of Choosing UC San Diego Health for Acoustic Neuroma Treatment

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Navigating Your Experience

When you contact the Acoustic Neuroma Program, our team will help you prepare for your first interaction with the doctors. We have two patient navigators who can answer questions, address your concerns, and support you as you prepare for treatment. They are both previous patients and have had surgery for their own acoustic neuromas. They understand the emotional impact the diagnosis and treatment may have and will provide support and assistance as you navigate this process.


A High-Volume Acoustic Neuroma Center Makes a Difference

Why you should seek acoustic neuroma care at UC San Diego Health

Studies show that patients who are treated at a high-volume center and travel for their care have superior outcomes, so where you get your acoustic neuroma care is vitally important.

Comprehensive Acoustic Neuroma Diagnosis and Treatment

The most advanced care for acoustic neuroma, all in one location