Vulvar Pain Treatment

If you're experiencing vulvar pain or other symptoms, turn to us for expert diagnosis and care. Our team understands the sensitive nature of vulvar conditions and can help you navigate them with sensitivity.

What Is the Vulva?

The vulva is the outer part of the female genitals. The vulva includes the opening of the vagina (sometimes called the vestibule), the labia majora (outer lips), the labia minora (inner lips), and the clitoris. Learn More About the Vulva in our Health Library

Conditions We Treat

During their lifetime, many women experience some kind of vulvar pain or pain during sexual intercourse. But because vulvar disorders are not widely known, itching and burning can often be mistaken for a yeast infection or go without treatment. 

In fact, there are many conditions associated with vulvar pain, and because appropriate treatment varies with the specific cause, it's important to receive care from a specialist. 

We diagnose and treat both common and unusual conditions, including:

  • Vulvodynia
  • Vulvar vestibulitis
  • Lichen sclerosus and lichen planus
  • Chronic vulvar itching
  • Chronic vaginitis

Your First Appointment

Your appointment will include an extended consultation, including detailed medical history and physical exam. Depending on your symptoms, the appointment may also include a more extensive vulvar exam, vulvar biopsy, testing for hormone levels, or evaluation for possible infections.

For your first appointment, we recommend that you bring a list of any symptoms you've experienced, even if you don't think they're related, and a notepad so you can write down important information.

Treatment for Vulvar Conditions

Identifying the cause of vulvar pain is important to find the appropriate treatment, which may include:

  • Medication, including topical medications, oral medications or hormone therapy
  • Referral to pelvic floor physical therapy
  • Referral to our pain clinic
  • Surgery (vestibulectomy)

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