Diabetes and Pregnancy Program

If you have diabetes and are pregnant or planning to become pregnant, our team of specialists wants to help you have a healthy pregnancy.

We provide the most advanced yet personalized care for you and your baby.

Who We Serve

We treat women before and during pregnancy with:

  • Type 1 diabetes
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Gestational diabetes

Why Get Specialty Care

Working with a specialist to manage your blood sugar during pregnancy can decrease the risk of complications and make it more likely you'll carry your baby to term. We also offer preconception counseling to help you plan and manage your blood sugar control before you become pregnant.

Prenatal Services

During your pregnancy, we offer these specialized prenatal services:

  • Personalized prenatal care throughout your pregnancy with perinatologists who specialize in treating women with diabetes
  • Assistance in learning about diabetes and how to monitor your blood sugar and administer insulin, if necessary
  • Medication management, including insulin pumps
  • Frequent ultrasounds during pregnancy and a nonstress test at the end of pregnancy
  • Support with nutrition, diet and physical activities, including meal planning
  • Assistance from social workers and maternal health specialists to help you with personal, family or financial needs
  • Monitoring for complications, such as hypertension and preeclampsia, and prompt intervention and coordinated care if complications do exist
  • Planning for a safe delivery and, if needed, access to our NICUs (neonatal intensive care unit) at both of our hospitals 
  • Referrals to our Maternal Weight and Wellness team for weight management

Coordinated Care

We can see you for all pregnancy-related visits or you can continue seeing your regular provider for routine obstetrics care, including delivery at your provider's hospital.Also see Pregnancy & Birth Care

Meet the Maternity Team

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