Mother, Child and Adolescent HIV Program

UC San Diego Health offers comprehensive, family-centered care to women, children, youth and young adults living with HIV.

Our multidisciplinary team of HIV specialists and social workers provides expert medical care and support to help every patient thrive. Our services include:

  • Comprehensive and confidential HIV care
  • Health education on topics such as nutrition, immunizations, family planning and parenting
  • Mental health services and substance use counseling
  • Case management
  • Support groups for women, children and youth with HIV
  • Crisis intervention
  • Referrals to community resources
  • Assistance with applying for government-sponsored insurance
  • English and Spanish speaking providers and staff

Four Clinics within Our HIV Program

Our program is designed to help women, children and young adults receive the best possible care in the easiest and most convenient way possible. To do this, we coordinate and manage four separate clinics. This allows us to serve as a single point of contact and medical home for families with HIV.

Services for Women with HIV

  • HIV and primary care with a single physician at our nationally recognized Owen Clinic. Women attend what is known in the community as the Female Owen Clinic, or "Fem Owen."
  • Case management and care coordination
  • Reproductive health care, including family planning and preconception counseling, safe sex education and well-woman visits
  • Mental health counseling with licensed clinical social workers 
  • Assessments and treatment for common issues such as addiction (substance use disorders) and trauma

Services for Pregnant Women with HIV

  • Comprehensive prenatal and perinatal care 
  • Consults and medications to prevent transmission of HIV to the fetus. These medications are about 99 percent effective when taken early and consistently during pregnancy.

Pediatric HIV Clinic

  • Comprehensive HIV care for infants and children, coordinated with the child's pediatrician
  • HIV testing for newborns

Adolescent HIV Clinic

  • Comprehensive primary and HIV care for youth and young adults, age 15 to 24
  • HIV education and support
  • Case management
  • Mental health and substance use counseling


We accept all insurance plans and can help with applying for government-sponsored insurance and other resources. Our program is funded, in part, by the federal Ryan White HIV/AIDS Treatment Extension Act.

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