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International Patient Services at UC San Diego Health

UC San Diego Health international care

Each year, people come to UC San Diego Health from around the world for culturally sensitive specialized medical care not readily available close to home. If you live outside the United States, our International Services Program is your link to the excellent medical care offered by UC San Diego Health physicians and surgeons. Through our International Services Program, patients and their family members are assisted throughout every step of planning a visit to our facility, including scheduling appointments and procedures, arranging for accommodations and facilitating communication with your healthcare providers back home.

UC San Diego Health is known as a center for leading-edge medicine and outstanding clinical programs. Our physicians are recognized leaders in their professional societies, heading national organizations and committees dedicated to improving care and advancing knowledge about disease. They are prominently listed in publications such as America's Top Doctors and in Good Housekeeping. UC San Diego Health is repeatedly ranked among the nation's best in multiple medical and surgical specialties by U.S. News & World Report, placing us among the nation's most prestigious hospital systems.

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Excellence in International Patient Care

UC San Diego Health's International Patient Program was recognized as the 2017 Medical Provider of the Year. Read more.

UC San Diego Health is an international referral center for culturally sensitive advanced medical and surgical care. Learn more about:

We are dedicated to meeting the needs of our international patients and their families. We welcome you to the United States and UC San Diego Health.

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