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Parkinson and Other Movement Disorders

Diagnosis can be difficult for specialists who are not experts in movement disorders. Our highly trained team has the combination of experience and research needed to distinguish between these diseases, which include:

Comprehensive Services

  • Diagnostic evaluation and testing, including neurological exams, MRI and lab testing
  • Rehabilitative assessments and services, such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech and swallowing evaluations and therapy
  • Evaluation and treatment of cognitive (thinking) and emotional problems and assessments of mental health
  • Medication to improve symptoms and, when possible, slow progression of the disorder
  • Surgical evaluation and treatments, when appropriate, including programming and reprogramming of deep brain stimulators
  • Opportunities to participate in clinical studies examining new treatments for movement disorders
  • Educational programs for patients, caregivers and healthcare providers
  • Information on what to expect from a disease and its progression
  • Local resources and support groups to help manage stress


Researchers at UC San Diego are currently looking at Parkinson's disease and related disorders from multiple angles, from handwriting movements to cognition, to clinical trials that test FDA-approved drugs. 

Learn more details on current Parkinson's disease research at UC San Diego and how you can get involved.

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