Electrocautery and Argon Plasma Coagulation (APC)

Several methods are available to help remove granulation tissue, airway cancers, or help treat airway bleeding. Electrocautery uses electricity through a probe that causes heat to build up at the end of the probe. This produces a burn to the tissue, removing it. Argon plasma coagulation (APC) uses a gas ignited by an electric spark to create a plasma beam that causes tissue to burn.

APC is used to remove airway tumor and granulation tissue and treat airway bleeding. Treatments are delivered through either a flexible or rigid bronchoscope.

Benefits of Electrocautery and APC

  • Unlike other treatments, electrocautery and APC cause tissue damage by electric and plasma energy
  • Both of these treatments offer safety advantages compared to laser treatment
  • Provide fast and precise removal of diseased airway tissue

Treatments are delivered by a bronchoscope, and your pulmonary physician may decide based on your particular airway issue which treatment modality to use.

Appointments & Referrals

NOTE: All referred patients will still have the option of continuing treatment with their primary care physicians after the procedure.

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