Weight Loss At Home

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UC San Diego Weight Management Program offers convenient at-home weight-loss kits. With automatic food delivery and personalized support, you will have all the tools you need to successfully reach your weight-loss goals. The at-home program is designed for individuals who do not need medical supervision during their weight loss. If you have underlying medical conditions or risk factors, we will recommend you participate in the clinic-based program.

Our at-home program includes nutritious foods, tips, informative and motivational materials, as well as guidance and support via the telephone. 

At-Home Weight-Loss Kits Offered by the UC San Diego Weight Management Program

The initial Healthy Solutions Diet kit includes three weeks of low-calorie, filling foods, including shake mixes and entrees. After your first three weeks, you can receive subsequent two-week supply kits for as long as you choose. Generally, patients lose an average of two to three pounds per week on the Healthy Solutions Diet.

The Health Solutions Diet kit includes motivating educational materials, progress charts, a support guide and recipe book. After the orientation, you can order your meals and snacks by calling 858-657-7237 or by fax to 858-657-1818.

You will receive free shipping on all kit orders, and you can cancel or change or your order at any time.

After you achieve your weight loss, you may join a Phase II weight maintenance program that focuses on strategies for long-term weight management success.

To learn more, call 858-657-7237.