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Structured Weight Loss

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Nutritionally balanced, low-calorie food, along with lifestyle changes, can help you to reach your healthy weight and achieve long-lasting weight loss success.

Our Structured Weight Loss plan, part of the UC San Diego Health Weight Management Program, combines expert guidance on making healthy behavioral changes along with limiting calorie intake using nutritionally complete meal replacement plans. It focuses on helping you develop a healthy relationship with food and fitness.

Our program is successful because we provide specialized development of weight management skills through coaching, practice and feedback. And we can tailor the plan to fit your individual needs and goals.

Is This Program for Me?


Our Structured Weight Loss Program is best suited for people who:

  • Are focused on sustainable weight loss over time
  • Are ready to invest time and energy into long-term healthy dietary changes
  • Want to reduce their health risks by becoming more active and eating recommended foods
  • Want to follow a weight loss plan and diet developed by professionals
  • Are able to commit to a low-calorie meal replacement plan consisting of shakes, entrees, and other products, in addition to fruits and vegetables
  • Are able to attend sessions for personal lifestyle changes
  • Want to reduce excess weight and improve chronic health conditions, including diabetes, hypertension / high blood pressure, fatty liver disease, GERD (acid reflux), high cholesterol, metabolic syndrome and sleep apnea.
  • Who want the option to combine weight-loss medication treatment with lifestyle changes for more successful results

We also offer other options:

How Structured Weight Loss Program Works

Our Structured Weight Loss Program is time-limited and it combines intense weekly classes by a health educator with nutritious, meal replacements, which are delicious and make the diet easy to follow. Scientific research has shown that the use of meal replacement systems can lead to more weight loss.

Group Classes

Our weekly group classes provide support and accountability to help you keep momentum and motivation to reach your goals. Participants have the opportunity to practice healthy habits like meal planning and portion control with the simplicity of using shakes, entrees, vegetables and fruits.

These specially designed sessions allow you to share your challenges and triumphs of the past week with other participants, as well as learn (and share) new recipes, strategies and more. They cover various topics that inspire you to live a healthier life.

You will also get midweek phone calls from our health coach for individualized encouragement and answers to your questions. We will also help you determine the right meal plan. Balanced meal replacements can make losing weight easier while ensuring that you get proper nutrition.

Structured Diet Plan

Meal replacements can help you control your calorie intake and plan your diet throughout the day. They can get your body used to the portions and calorie counts you need to stay within after you transition to regular food and maintain your weight loss goals.

UC San Diego Health partners with Health Management Resources (HMR) — a proven weight-loss system for effective nonsurgical weight loss. The HMR diet, which offers meal replacement plans, was named the No. 2 Best Fast Weight Loss Diet by U.S. News & World Report for 2022. It has ranked among the top three diets for seven years in a row.

Limiting the quantity of foods you eat can help you lose weight quickly. Balanced meal replacements can make losing weight easier while ensuring that you get proper nutrition.

Participants of our Structured Weight Loss program have access to a structured meal replacement plan. This diet plan incorporates fruits and vegetables, as well as nutritionally balanced meal replacements with shakes and entrees.

You’ll also have weekly calls with our health educator for support and accountability.

A more aggressive and exclusive meal replacement plan can be considered on an individual basis for select patients who need more rapid weight loss for medical reasons.

Follow Up With Longer-Term Weight Maintenance Plans

As hard as it is to lose weight, it is even harder to keep it off and stick to healthy habits. Our primary philosophy is long-term weight maintenance and optimization of health.

Our Structured Weight Loss Program sets you up for weight loss success. Once you finish, you can continue working with our highly trained staff to maintain your healthy weight.

Through our weekly and monthly weight management classes, through which you can practice the nutrition habits, physical activity and lifestyle skills over and over so that they become second nature. This will help increase your chances of long-term success and enable you to continue your health management journey on your own.

If necessary, you can always return to us for tune-ups. We are always here for you.

Program Costs and Insurance

Some of your costs associated with our Weight Management Program may be covered by your insurance plan. Check with your insurer.

Our weight management classes may be reimbursed by your health plan.

Food costs are generally not reimbursable.

At this time, we do not bill your insurance directly for the Structured Weight Loss Program. You can pay out of pocket and ask your health insurance plan about which costs can be reimbursed and the steps you need to take. Your doctor can provide a letter of medical necessity, which can be useful when seeking reimbursement for these costs.

You may also be able to use your employer-provided flexible spending account (FSA) or health savings account (HSA) to help pay for some expenses with pretax dollars.